The Cat and Thomas Mountains Preserve is now part of the NYS Forest Preserve!  LGLC will continue to manage the trails.  See our Fact Sheet about the acquisition.  Please follow the Forest Preserve rules posted at the kiosk.

1850 acres in the Town of Bolton

The orange trail to Thomas Mountain follows an old logging road with good footing, winding 716 feet up the mountain to end at a quaint cabin that provides shelter and space to rest.  Branching off from the orange trail just above the old gravel pit is the new blue trail. A slightly longer alternative to the logging road, this trail, named the Two Brothers Trail, climbs through a beech and maple forest to an elevation of just under 2,000 feet and includes a quick spur trail that ends with a fantastic view of the Adirondacks to the west. The Two Brothers Trail meets up with the blue ridge trail; hikers can continue south to Cat Mountain or a short distance east to the cabin.  Please note that the cabin is open to anyone and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The blue ridge trail was re-named the Richard Hayes Phillips Trail in 2012 in honor of the man who volunteered hundred of hours scouting, cutting, blazing and maintaining the trails of this preserve. The trail runs 2.3 miles from the Thomas Mountain cabin to the summit of Cat Mountain at 1,956-feet. Footing is more difficult than the other trails and hikers trying this section should be prepared for the longer, more challenging trek.

The yellow trail to Cat Mountain also follows a logging road, cutting south from the orange trail approximately 0.15 miles past the gravel pit. The logging road continues for 1.3 miles before turning off of the road to ascend 736 feet to the summit of Cat. The summit offers a 270 view of Lake George and the Adirondacks. The second half of the yellow trail is rocky and has less stable footing. In cases of recent storms or melting snow, the path may be very wet. Proper footwear and caution should be used.  In two instances, the trail has been re-routed off the road and the top part of the trail has been closed and re-routed to the blue ridge trail.   Please stay off the closed sections, as we will try to stabilize and re-vegetate these sections.

Intensity: Moderate/Challenging

Rising almost 2,000 feet above sea level and located in the fastest growing town on Lake George, the Cat and Thomas Mountains Preserve directly protects the watershed of Edgecomb Pond, Bolton’s drinking water source, and the headwaters of Finkle Brook. This magnificent stretch of land is one of the largest, intact, ecologically significant landscapes remaining on Lake George and features over seven miles of trails and unsurpassed mountain vistas. The property has been a popular destination for years and now it can be enjoyed by the public forever as Forest Preserve lands.

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