Last Great Shoreline

351 acres, 2,357 feet of lake shoreline in the Town of Putnam

The Lake George Land Conservancy has established two trails at the Last Great Shoreline Preserve: the blue trail and the red, Andia-ta-roc-te Trail.  Please see the trail guide at right for a map and additional details.

Starting at an elevation of 552 feet, the blue trail leads from the kiosk approximately 1.08 miles southwest through the preserve. The blue trail terminates at an elevation of roughly 439 feet at a scenic overlook that provides a west-facing view of Lake George (please note that at this time the view is somewhat inhibited by vegetation growth). If conditions are right you may also catch glimpses of Anthony’s Nose and record hill towards the north. The blue trail is an easy trail to navigate that undulates gently across landscape with minimal elevation change.

The Andia-ta-roc-te Trail is demarcated by red markers and is an off-shoot of the blue trail. The red trail starts at an elevation of approximately 571 feet, leaving the blue trail roughly 700 feet from its start at the kiosk. After heading east a short distance to an opening overlooking Sucker Brook and mountains to the east, the red trail turns south heading along the upper edge of the Sucker Brook valley. The red trail is an easy trail, only about 0.35 miles in length. After turning west it reconnects with the blue trail at an elevation of 626 feet.

Please note the new yellow triangle connector trail. Starting at the intersection with the blue trail it follows the ridge line south, then descends a short but steep rocky area before following a logging road to the yellow trail at Gull Bay Preserve.  The steep section is challenging and may not be suitable for all hikers.

*The preserve is also now accessible by boat!  The dock is located at the southern edge of the preserve and can accommodate two 25-foot vessels.  Canoes and kayaks are also welcome; pull-off is recommended on the north side of the dock.  Please log in with your Friends of LGLC ID number, or call 518-644-9673 to register.  A short trail connects the dock to the overlook on the blue trail.  This trail is rough and proper hiking footwear is recommended.

On February 27, 2009 the Lake George Land Conservancy ended nearly two decades of negotiations when it closed on the Gabriel land, known as the Last Great Shoreline project. With this great acquisition LGLC also took a leap into debt in order to finance the purchase. The cost of the land was $4 million with another $300,000 of project expenses - the largest dollar purchase in LGLC history. Thanks to the great generosity of hundreds of supporters, this dept was fully paid off on February 27, 2014! A list of donors can be viewed through the link at right.

LGLC's purchase of the Last Great Shoreline project, located in the Town of Putnam, Washington County, was a crucial step in the protection of the Lake George watershed. 351 acres and 2,357 feet of shoreline were acquired as a preserve, and 70 acres and 1,613 feet remain in private ownership that is now protected by a deed restriction. LGLC has already built over a mile of trails to lead hikers through a diversity of ecological systems, from the Sucker Brook wetlands, to the lichen covered rocks on the eastern shore of Lake George.

The land contains approximately thirty-five acres of wetlands (reportedly including a rare white cedar swamp) which provide important food and breeding sites for amphibians, birds and mammals. These Sucker Brook wetlands provide a natural filtration system, contributing to the pristine water quality of Lake George. In addition, the legendary Jumping Rock, rising approximately 30 feet above the lake, is situated on the northern shore and will be preserved forever as an LGLC preserve.

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We did it! Nearly 400 individuals, couples, families and organizations contributed towards the Last Great Shoreline and made it possible to make our final mortgage payment on February 27!

We must particularly thank Hank and Lee Rowan and Ginny and Manning Smith. Without their generosity in providing a loan we would never have been able to purchase this land.

Click here to see a list of current contributors to The Last Great Shoreline.

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