Meeting Photo 1The LGLC’s NextGeneration Committee is a volunteer group of young people who are passionate about protecting the land and the lake and are committed to organizing innovative events for the Conservancy and for the communities surrounding Lake George. The committee formed in the April of 2017 when a small group of current members expressed their interest in our work/mission and their desire for some fresh ideas and events to get more people engaged.

The Committee meets approximately once a month to brainstorm new ways to engage people that may be interested to learn more about the Conservancy, the lands around the lake and the ways that they can be more involved in our communities.


In October 2017, the NextGen Committee successfully raised over $2,000 through it’s first ever event, Amy’s Adventure Race for the Lake, a 5-mile trail run race through LGLC’s Amy’s Park, which had over 60 participants. The event, which just saw it’s second successful running in September of 2018, is designed to bring awareness to the beautiful lands around the lake and the importance of conserving them.

The Committee has grown to be a group of 19 young professionals from Bolton Landing, Hague, Lake George, Glens Falls and Saratoga. Our committee members, who range in age from 25-40 years of age, have varied professions including an actuary, a marketing professional, a healthcare professional, an audiologist, a director of operations, an outdoor store manager and buyer, a paramedic, a NOLS guide, a professional chef, a business owner, a researcher and more.

More events and ideas are on the horizon so follow up on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop!

The committee is open to any and all young people that have a passion for the lake, it’s surrounding lands and for connecting with the Conservancy and our communities. Contact Michele Vidarte to learn more at!



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