It’s a wrap!

We proudly report that, thanks to many generous gifts, this event raised a total of $161,889 for Lake George protection! This is a combination of donations for Fund-A-Need projects ($112,689) and the generosity of our Honorary Committee ($49,200). If you watched our videos, shared information with friends, and/or made a donation in support of these projects – thank you!

The LGLC’s Land & Water Conservation Celebration is something that is meant to be in person. It’s meant to include conversations, handshakes, and shared laughter. This year has been tough, and perhaps the most challenging part has been transforming what is supposed to be intimate into something distant.

Even with this distance, we do hope that through the videos we’ve produced, you saw and felt our sincerity when we talked about Lake George and our role in protecting it. Many friends and colleagues joined us to help make these videos and we thank them for their part in what became the virtual Celebration.

First and foremost, we wanted to share these sentiments with you, to include you in our experiences and (hopefully) inspire you to share them with others. Then, we invited you to be part of the projects that make a difference in the future of Lake George – recreation and water protections in Bolton; water and scenic protections in Huletts; and stewardship and educational efforts throughout the basin.

Like you, we very much look forward to a time when we can again be near, enjoying the lake in the company of friends and not-yet-friends. Until then, we wish you well, and hope you will continue to be a part of our organization in any way you can. Thank you!

Our thanks to the LGLC staff, directors, and other friends of the LGLC have all helped to make this event happen. We also thank the members of our Honorary Committee and Events Committee volunteers who have been so understanding and supportive as we’ve had to adapt the event to this virtual format. We’re grateful for everyone’s support as we continue our important work of protecting the land that protects the lake for everyone during the current situation. Click here to see a full list of this year’s Honorary Committee (PDF).



8/2/2020, 4 PM: Final Update from ED, Jamie Brown (and son, Isaac)

8/2/2020, 10 AM:

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7/31/2020, 10 AM – Welcome!