Named in memory of Amy Wolgin Wiener, Amy's Park is a beautiful property of ponds, marshes and forests in the uplands of Bolton Landing. It was purchased in February, 2012 and its hiking trails were officially opened to the public on July 13, 2012.

The Bolton property includes the headwaters for Indian Brook and contains important wildlife habitat within its large, unfragmented forest and wetland complexes. Protecting this fragile property prevents excess nutrients and sediments generated by development from flowing into Indian Brook and Northwest Bay.

LGLC has created a network of hiking trails for passive recreation, exploration and education, which include lookout areas to view the active beaver pond and its resident wildlife, as well as a view of Lake George. In addition there is a canoe/kayak launch area just a short distance from the main parking lot on Padanarum Rd.

LGLC purchased the property for $500,000 from a conservation buyer, who held the land until LGLC was able to finalize the purchase. Funding for the deal was provided through two grants: a State Environmental Protection Fund grant from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and a Federal North American Wetlands Conservation Act grant.


PLEASE NOTE: Trails have been updated as of Nov. 2019 (see new brochure in downloads link)

There is a new parking lot on Padanarum Rd; this is now the MAIN lot and will be plowed through the winter, whereas the other parking areas will not.

The yellow, orange and blue hiking trails start at the Padanarum Road parking areas; the red trail starts from Trout Falls Rd.

To hike from the new, main Padanarum Rd trailhead, follow the yellow trail a short distance to a junction where you can choose to go north or south, or straight to the water for the boat launch. Heading north will take to you to a view of the pond at a rocky outcropping (0.2 miles); further north the trail ends at the second parking area after 0.5 miles (previously the main lot). Heading south will take you to the beaver dam and bridge (0.07 miles), then continue to a pond viewpoint and/or follow a lichen-covered trail to Trout Falls Rd (0.4 miles). From here the yellow trail continues with a steep ascent to end at the red trail (0.2 miles).

The orange trail can be accessed via the yellow trail, from the main parking lot (as described above) or from the second parking area. The trail joins the yellow trail 0.6 miles from the second parking lot. The orange trail will lead you on a 1.0-mile path with a loop at the end that winds around some rocky ledges and overlooks the northern beaver pond.

A different yellow trail, marked with yellow triangles, leads south from the main parking area to connect to the Godwin Preserve (0.6 miles).

The blue trail follows a logging road from the northeast corner of the park (third parking area on Padanarum Rd) to the orange trail. It connects to the red trail after 0.4 miles, and then the orange trail after another 0.45 or 0.6 miles, depending on route. It is relatively flat and wide and is good for cross-country skiing.

The red trail starts on Trout Falls Rd., climbing steadily south for 0.75 miles to a lookout point, with great views of Lake George. It can also be accessed from a section of the yellow trail via a steeper climb from Trout Falls Rd.  Going north from the Trout Falls Rd parking area, the red trail primarily follows an old logging road for 1.6 miles, for an easy hike around the northern pond to connect with the blue trail.

Boat Launch
To launch your canoe or kayak on the south pond, from the main parking lot on Padanarum Road, take the trail to the water, following signs for the launch, approx. 420-foot portage.