The Isabel La Roche Godwin Preserve is a beautiful property of forests and vernal pools in the uplands of Bolton Landing. It was purchased in June, 2016 and its hiking trails were officially opened to the public on July 26, 2016. We would like to give a special thanks to Richard Hayes Phillips for making this acquisition possible.

The Bolton property includes a tributary of Indian Brook and large vernal pools for breeding amphibians. It is part of a large, unfragmented forest that adjoins Pole Hill Pond Preserve. Protecting this fragile
property prevents excess nutrients and sediments generated by development from flowing into Indian Brook and Northwest Bay.

The preserve was named in memory of the sellers' mother, who loved the land and Lake George.


Godwin Preserve has two trails for hiking: the red trail, which is part of a future loop trail, and the yellow trail, which leads to a view of the Amy’s Park wetlands and High Nopit.

From the Padanarum Road parking area the red trail follows a logging road for 0.5 miles, with a gradual upward grade, then leaves the road for 300 feet and climbs a short, fairly steep ledge, before returning to the road. At this point, the red trail intersects with the yellow trail. Turning onto the yellow trail, it climbs steadily for 0.3 miles to a lookout, with views northwest of High Nopit and the wetlands of Amy’s Park.

If you continue on the red trail, it follows the road gradually downhill for 0.5 miles until it reaches the corner of the preserve, which adjoins the Pole Hill Pond Forest Preserve. (See LGLC’s Pole Hill Pond Trail Map.)

To reach Amy’s Park, use the connector trail, which has yellow triangles. From the parking lot, go north on Padanarum Road for 0.25 miles until the trail turns down an embankment and into the woods. Follow this relatively flat trail for 0.25 miles until it intersects with Amy’s yellow trail. Going left takes you across the stream to Trout Falls Road. If you go right, that will take you to the lookout and Amy’s Park kiosk and parking lot.