Just a five-minute drive from quaint Bolton Landing, the trail to the Pinnacle summit provides a rewarding introduction to hiking in the Adirondack Park. The view from the top offers a breathtaking panorama of Lake George.

This 73-acre parcel was acquired by the Lake George Land Conservancy (LGLC) and sold to the Town of Bolton in a bargain sale in 2015. The town donated a conservation easement to LGLC for further protection. (Read our press release about the project: LGLC and Town of Bolton Close on the Pinnacle)

After five years of negotiations, the Pinnacle was able to be protected thanks to a partnership between LGLC, the Town of Bolton, and the FUND for Lake George, which provided major financial support for its acquisition. In addition, nearly 300 individuals, families, businesses and foundations also contributed to the project. The enormous outpouring of community support was essential to the project's success, and helped to make this a landmark achievement.

The land is contiguous to other protected lands and is a key part of a proposed Bolton Community Trail system. The Pinnacle itself is a local landmark and is highly visible from Cat Mountain and the lake. The conservation of this land also contributes towards the protection of the Finkle Brook watershed, one of the lake’s major tributaries.

In addition to monitoring the conservation easement, LGLC manages the property's recreational trails for the Town of Bolton.


The preserve’s red trail starts at the parking area; at first it is level, then it makes a short, steep climb to a dirt road (0.15 miles). Please respect the privacy of the neighboring landowner by staying on the marked trail and not allowing your dog to wander.

After turning right, the trail continues on a series of switchbacks for 0.5 miles, then levels off and continues for another 0.4 miles.  It then makes a right turn off of the dirt road onto a short trail to the lookout.  Please use caution at the lookout area, as there is a steep drop from the edge.

The lookout provides an expansive 270-degree view, including (from left to right) the Tongue Mountain range, the Narrows, Shelving Rock, Buck Mountain, the Town of Bolton, Dome Island, the Bolton Conservation Park, Trout Lake, and much more!

Mountain biking is allowed on the trail.  Please walk your bike until you reach the dirt road  and be respectful of any hikers.

The Pinnacle connects to Edgecomb Pond and Cat Mountain via the yellow trail, which starts at about the 0.5-mile mark on the Pinnacle’s red trail (see inset map).  The yellow trail is at first level, then it gradually descends for about 0.5 miles.  It then climbs steadily, with a short, steep section, before emerging on Edgecomb Pond Road.  You can reach the entrance to Edgecomb Pond and the trail to Cat Mountain by turning right and walking north along Edgecomb Pond Road for 0.3 miles.  Please use caution when crossing the road and walking on the shoulder.

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